How I met your “Dad”

I was a single 26 year old girl having a wonderful job in the burgeoning IT industry, renting a n apartment in Atlanta, renting a fancy car every weekend – scrounging through the Atlanta City Search website to find new places to dine, party places to go dancing, lounges to hang out with friends… Life seemed perfect… but like everything human there is always that one thing missing from your life… and the one thing that I craved was being in love. The weekends of partying led me to meeting a variety of people but nothing extended beyond the casual dinner.

Then on 31 Dec 2006, on an impulse I went to dinner with friends and met this really sweet gentleman who had come along as the designated driver with some girls… After the night of partying and then celebrating a friends birthday, as we were all leaving, this young man asked for my phone number. Having had a few too many drinks I was not even certain if I gave the right number.

Next morning, as I was driving back to Charlotte where I lived then, I get a text message from this young man asking me if we could meet up for lunch. Smiling to myself, I called him back and told him I was already a 100 miles on 85 S en route to Charlotte where I lived. I sensed a sadness in the voice on the other end of the line although Dad denies that.. We spoke and exchanged email addresses. Having returned to Charlotte – we started chatting on yahoo and soon that evolved into us dating and eventually getting married on Feb 10, 2008.

While I jumped through the wonderful moments that Dad & I spent during our dating days – one particular evening that stands out in my mind which demands a mention here is the evening when Dad proposed. He played the song “Creep” on his guitar.. and then took me to dinner. I later learnt that it also happened to be the evening when the Bears were playing Saints and Dad had skipped his beloved game to be just with me. Well Dad & I spent about 4 hours chatting on pretty much everything under the sun and somehow at the end of that 4 hour marathon conversation we both knew that this was it.

Fast forward to Feb 2008 – it was the most fun time we had.. the wedding was one big grandiose event in Mumbai India with over a 1000 people at the wedding. Lots of clothes, gold, songs, music, food and fun with everyone… like any wedding, there was lots of joy and fun and laughter as the 2 families came together. Dad and I started our journey together holding each other’s hands starry eyed with lovely dreams of our future..